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Home with Pool and Zen garden for sale – Palm Springs, CA

Home with Pool and Zen garden for sale – South Palm Springs, CA

3 br-2 ba, 1,456 sqft. Peaceful, serene desert lifestyle in the beautiful and touristic town of Palm Springs, California. for more information.



  • Have your A/C System cleaned professionally regularly;
  • Clean and replace the A/C filters monthly;
  • Make sure the condensate tube drains well outside, to avoid a water leak inside your house;
  • Change or clean the furnace filter once a month,
    limiting dust and allergens circulating in your house;
  • Clean the outside compressor by hosing it frequently when not in use;
  • Vacuum register(s) and air vents regularly;
  • During the winter, keep compressor covered.

21,344 lot for sale highest desirable South Palm Springs, CA

Click on link for more info about this lot for sale in highest desirable area of South Palm Springs, CA.

21,344 vacant lot highest desirable South Palm Springs, CA

Very close to famous Indian Canyons.